Why Being A Veteran Entrepreneur Works (#1 in a Series of 2)

Much has been said about this in the literature…and on our website.  Here is the first of three reasons why they are great entrepreneurs (I’ll blog the other two tomorrow):

Military skills prepare veterans for entrepreneurship

There are at least two levels of training one takes with them when he/she leaves the military service and enters civilian life.  On one level, there’s specific skills training received while in the service.  On another level, and perhaps more importantly, one receives extremely valuable “soft skills” training.  That’s what really takes veteran entrepreneurs far.  It refers to the way one is able to relate to other people, work as part of a team, become a leader, stay motivated, and more.

Another skill that’s common in the military and important in business is the ability to seek knowledge from people who have more experience than you, even if you “outrank” them.  That’s a key ingredient for great teamwork, which is more and more becoming recognized as a common thread in many of today’s most successful startups, as well as established small- and medium-sized businesses.

I’ll cover the other two reasons on my next blog.  www.veteransaccelerator.com #veteransaccelerator

Rob Africk