Veteran Success / #1 in a Series of 4

On our website, we’ve highlighted a few well-known Veteran entrepreneurial successes.  Starting today, I'm going to show a few more, with the first installment now: RE/MAX, cofounded by Air Force veteran Dave Liniger.

Prior to founding "Real Estate Maximums" — better known as RE/MAX— Dave Liniger served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.  From 1965 to 1971, he served as an enlisted airman in Texas, Arizona, Vietnam, and Thailand, according to his LinkedIn.

"The military really gave me the chance to grow up. It was fun. I thought it was a fabulous place," he told Airport Journals. "It also taught me self-discipline and a sense of responsibility." After he got out of the military, he started flipping houses for profit, and eventually got his real estate license. He co-founded RE/MAX with his wife Gail in 1973.  #Veteransaccelerator

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