Veterans and the Corporate Boardroom

It should be no surprise that skills learned in the military such as decision-making under pressure, organization, and leadership translate well to the corporate boardroom. And those skills tend to make a big difference, with companies led by former military officers tending to show better performance.  I’m going to highlight a few of them over the next few days.  Veterans Accelerator is designed to make more dreams a reality.


People like Fred Smith or Sam Walton have become household names for their business success. Lesser known is their service prior to the companies they founded. After World War II, nearly 50% of veterans went the entrepreneurship route, though that number has substantially declined today. Still, there are currently around three million veteran-owned businesses.  Given some expert strategic guidance and access to capital sources, which of these can break out and become the next popular success story of the American Dream?   Specific examples in my next blog.  #Veteransaccelerator

Rob Africk