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Veterans are Highly Entrepreneurial


While the military does a fantastic job training leaders to solve difficult problems, it does not prepare most of them to overcome the many business challenges they will face as they grow.  Typically, for most entrepreneurs the challenge is not the idea, nor the beginning stages, but sustained execution and scalability.  Money, people and strategy are common weaknesses which constrain their ability to grow.  As a result, many of our nation’s highly capable service members, with fabulous business ideas and great firms employing Veterans, run into a wall trying to break out to the next level.

Among many other positive attributes, Veterans possess an enduring set of values – courage to do the right thing, selfless service, a sense of duty, respect, and most importantly, integrity.  They also have real world leadership experience and think clearly under stress.  They are mission- and team-oriented, highly disciplined, and they know how to win!

— Carl Schramm, President & CEO of Kauffman Foundation [the largest institution focused on entrepreneurship]

Our Firm

Patriot Growth Capital, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), was formed in 2017 to fill a void in the marketplace for the growing number of Veteran businessmen and businesswomen needing advice, access to institutional capital and mentoring; while at the same time fulfilling our burning desire to give back to those who have freely sacrificed so much for our country.

What We Do

As agent, we offer the following services to our clients:

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Important notice:  Where required by FINRA regulation, transactions and services are provided through registered broker-dealer relationships

Transaction Criteria

  • $2 million EBITDA minimum

  • $5 million minimum funding requirement

  • US-based preferred

  • Industries of interest:

    • Aerospace and Defense

    • Basic Industrials

    • Cybersecurity

    • Energy

    • Financial Services

    • Healthcare and Life Sciences

    • Information Technology

    • Media and Advertising

    • Opportunistic

Why We're Different

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Patriot Growth Capital is first and foremost built with the same enduring values as all Veterans possess.  As such, we establish an immediate and mutual trust with our clients, and then maintain it throughout our engagement and beyond.

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Our professionals will be extensively involved with your project from start to finish.  We specialize in the day-to-day and hour-to-hour advice and service required for middle-market transactions.  This helps our clients focus on what they do best: run their businesses.

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Our professionals have completed more than 150 corporate-advisory assignments in their careers.  Our particular expertise in bringing global buyers-and-sellers together serves to maximize value for our clients.

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Our professionals present clear strategic options that are driven by logical and practical alternatives for implementation, that have been learned through personal experience.  We have been in your shoes before.

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Spanning their careers, our professionals have been serving the needs of corporations, for whom trust and long-term relationships are paramount.  Accordingly, our career backgrounds and firm's philosophy center on the client’s best interests.

Our Team



Jeff McChesney

As an executive and entrepreneur, Jeff inspires people to do amazing things.  He has combined his unique business and military experiences seamlessly with his leadership abilities at numerous companies, both large ($1B+) and small, including 5+ startups.  Those firms span various industries, such as financial services, venture capital, health care, IT, cybersecurity and aviation, as well as being an angel investor.  As a former combat fighter pilot and senior commander, Jeff brings his warrior perspective and passion to everything he touches, always with integrity as his primary core value. 

Jeff is an alumnus of the USAF Academy, Columbia University and Harvard University; a graduate of the USAF Fighter Weapons School; a GE Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt; a Certified Project Management Professional and is a Harvard National Security Fellow.  Jeff is also a volunteer with Team Rubicon, a nationwide network of first responders to natural disasters globally.  He loves hiking the Appalachian Trail, playing ice hockey and driving fast cars!


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